From humble beginnings in 1990, Alpha Medical Manufacturers has today grown into Africa's leading manufacturers of "Single Use" Syringes and Supplier of Hospital Consumables. At every stage of our production process, quality control inspections are carried out as per International and Kenyan Standards. Our factory and our products have thus achieved the Diamond mark of Quality, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate and a National Quality Award by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. This has assured the brand of 'Single Use' syringes and other medical products a ready acceptance in markets all over the continent.

We continuously strive to source the finest quality raw materials from suppliers all over the world, hence turning out products that are recognized and certified by international quality standards bodies. Our commitment to ensure customer satisfaction is taken a step further by ensuring that we maintain cost effectiveness at all times. Hence quality, cost and reliability of the brand are of vital importance to us.

We actively support policies that prevent any form of environmental pollution, for example any plastic wastage occurred during production is always recycled thus making it a 'zero' wastage process; box cartons are given to paper industries for recycling; production machines are noise free and Ethylene Oxide used for sterilization is converted to inert compounds (H2O / C02). We also encourage utilization of Incinerators for the safe disposal of used Syringes & Needles and therefore distribute these to many institutions.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact any of our sales & marketing executives or myself at any time..